MVOC Meet Information


Training Begins 1/2 hour before event starts.
No training on "A"/"B" meet days or at Junior O Championships (spring event)
Starts Both Saturday & Sunday: 12:00pm - 2:00pm
Occasionally there will be a meet that begins at a different time period - check the schedule before you leave
Time limit "A"/"B" meets & Championships - 3 hours after last actual start
Local Club Event - 2 hours after last scheduled start
Cost (per map & punch-card) $4 for members/$6 for non-members
$4 for each additional map without a punch-card
Member rate charged to Scouts (Boys and Girls), ROTC, JROTC, schools, etc.
There is a limit of 4 maps per group.
E-punch card rental $2 (and sign a $40 replacement agreement in case your card is lost)
Compass rental $1 (with keys/drivers license/$20 deposit)
Whistles All competitors are required to carry at least one whistle per group.
Whistles are available for purchase for $1 at every event

Meet rules:

  • Always check in with the finish - whether you complete your course or not.
  • Run the course in sequential order - do not attempt to run the course backward.
  • Time limits are 2 hours for local club events; 3 hours for national competitions and championships - controls are picked up an hour or so after the last start.
  • Orienteering is an individual event - do not ask for or provide orienteering assistance - make your own decisions (do not just follow another orienteer).
  • Use your whistle - required for each competitor or group - if you are lost or injured and require assistance (3 blasts).
  • Come to the assistance of a lost or injured orienteer.
  • Respect other park users (horse riders, hikers, etc.) - give them space to enjoy the park.
  • Respect the park - please don't litter; do not enter off-limits or out of bounds areas; do not enter private property; do not vandalize any park or private property.
  • Water is provided for all competitors - please use only what you need to ensure there is enough for all.
  • Respect competition - do not tamper with (move, hide, carry away, etc.) any control point flag, punch, stand, etc. - do not hinder or interfere with another orienteer.