Cold-O Information

This is a family friendly score-style orienteering event at Grant Park in Washington Township. The public is invited and the event is for all orienteering skill levels (including beginners). Start anytime between 12:00 and 2:00 on Sunday January 26. The course time limit is 90 minutes and free training is available if needed.

With a score style event there is no set order in which the controls must be found. That is up to you. Find them in any order you choose. Try to lay out a plan to visit the most contols in the alloted time. The time limit for the Cold-O is 90 minutes. Don't be late getting back. Points are deducted for every minute over 90. Check in with event staff immediately when you get back. To add to the challenge, controls will have different point values based on how challenging/time consuming they are to reach.

If you want to re-visit a control or try again to find one that you couldn't during the event, offer the staff your help in collecting controls at the end of the event. They are so much easier to find when time pressures of competition are removed - and you get your name listed in the event write-up as a volunteer. Also, for the Scouts BSA orienteering merit badge, you must serve as an official at an orienteering event. This (or helping with other event functions) can help fullfil that requirement.

Meet rules: