Jr. Champs Practice & Turkey Hunt Details

COVID-19 Info
MVOC is proceeding with the Miami Valley Jr. Orienteering Champs Practice and Turkey Hunt this Sunday. We had to change venues due to COVID-related restrictions in the other park district. Orienteering can be run as a properly socially distanced event without close interactions with large groups of people. If we follow some simple guidelines we can demonstrably have a safe event for everyone.

   If you're feeling ill in any way, stay home.
Arrive and start anytime within the start window of Noon to 2 PM.
Wear a mask (it can also keep you warm in cold weather).
Maintain a six-foot minimum distance from anyone outside your immediate family/group that arrived with you.
Decide which course to do ahead of time. See course stats below for this event.
Bring a filled out registration sheet, filling out one form for each individual/group with all group members listed.
Print Legibly! - someone has to read every letter written.
We can handle payment by cash or check but not credit cards. If you have exact change, that makes things much easier and quicker.
Check out MVOC's Getting Started page. We'll answer any questions you have.
Enjoy the outdoors!

[Aside: In fact, using the electronic timing system with certain models of the punch stick (SI-Card 6, 10, 11, & AC) that can store personal information on the card, events have been run without any personal interaction with event staff.] If you want to purchase your own SI card, check out the Orienteering USA's vendor page. The SportIdent (SI) system used by MVOC is the main e-punch system in the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, etc. It's a wise investment and looks cool!

Course Statistics
Course   Controls   Length
White       11      1.7 km
Yellow      11      2.7 km
Orange      16      3.7 km
Green       21      4.6 km
Red         24      6.1 km 

Our fee structure is fairly simple:
$5 person. $10 cap per family, so a family of 4 can do their courses for $10.
$3 per person if you are a member of another orienteering club, ORRRC, Scouts, JROTC, or another school-related group
The fee gets you a map (which you keep) and an electronic punch stick - we do not charge extra for renting the punch stick.

FYI, within the last week (after the maps were printed) the park put in more new trails. They're in the western portion of the park. If the trail surface is firm, it's a mapped trail. If it's soft with loose dirt, it's one of the new unmapped trails. I'll try to have a marked-up map posted at the event that shows the new trails.

What to Wear
Watch the weather forecast and dress appropriately.
Bring a filled water bottle with you to reduce cross contamination.