More Valentine Hunt Info


White (1.4 k), Yellow (2.6 k), Orange (4.5 k), Green (5.8 k), Purple (10k)
Estimated winning time on purple (a.k.a. Purple Heart course) is 85 minutes.

Mapping notes:
There is a symbol on this map: green dots on a yellow background. These are stands of juniper (cedars). It can be useful for navigation in the winter woods. The runnability can vary from no impedance to light green. The interesting aspect is that runnability is inverse to visibility in these stands.
Ignore rootstocks and the rootstock symbol.
Ignore the tower symbol; these were hunting perches. I have removed all of the ones that I could verify were no longer there. There are at least half-dozen hunter blinds; these are not on the map, except that they are marked as out of bounds where they are relevant to courses.

Private residences are marked out-of-bounds. There are some hunter stations marked out-of-bounds; these each involve a camera that is supposedly connected to the cloud. So, if you donít want to end up in the face-identification matrix of some international poacher database, stay away.