More Valentine Hunt Info


COVID-19 Info
Orienteering can be run as a properly socially distanced event without close interactions within large groups of people.  If we follow some simple guidelines we can demonstrably have a safe event for everyone.

  • If you're feeling ill in any way, stay home.
• Arrive and start anytime within the start window of Noon to 2 PM.
• Wear a mask (it will also keep you warm in the cold).
• Maintain a six-foot minimum distance from anyone outside your immediate family/group that arrived with you.
• Decide which course to do ahead of time.
• Bring a filled out registration sheet, filling out one form for each individual/group with all group members listed.
Print Legibly! - someone has to read every letter written.
• We can handle payment by cash or check but not credit cards.  If you have exact change, that makes things much easier and quicker.
• Check out MVOC's Getting Started page. We'll answer any questions you have.
• Enjoy the outdoors!

Plugging this link into your browser will put you at the meet location at Caesar Creek's Holly Shelter.
Follow the orange/white orienteering signs to parking and registration.

What to Wear
Watch the weather forecast and dress appropriately for this outdoor event.

Wear the Latest Electronic Gear!
Your event registration includes an electronic punch rental stick (i.e. SI-Card).  If the SI card is lost during the event, the replacement fee is $40.  If you want to purchase your own personal SI card, check out the Orienteering USA's vendor page.  The SportIdent (SI) system used by MVOC is the main e-punch system in the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, etc.  It's a wise investment and looks cool!

How to Use E-Punch
Please review our Electronic Punching Info page.  It's real geeky.

Large Groups & Registration
If you are bringing a large group, please send a note to before the event listing how many people you are bringing and what courses you plan to run.  That will help us ensure the correct number of pre-marked maps are on hand.
Also, download and fill out Registration Forms before arrival, including parent signatures for minors in the group.  At the event registration table, groups staying together while on a course should submit their registration sheets together as one set.
Be sure to fill out the form legibly and as completely as possible.

Course Summaries for Valentine Hunt
1.2 km
  40 m
Advanced Beginner
2.4 km
  95 m
3.5 km
160 m
4.5 km
180 m
6.0 km
210 m

Training Info
Check out MVOC's Getting Started page.  It has many links to help you get headed in the right direction, and keep you in touch with your map throughout the course.  There are even map symbol and clue sheet quizzes!