Shamrock Hunt, 11 Mar 2000, Germantown MetroPark


Saturday, 11 March 2000 dawned cold, and cloudy.  Temperatures were in the 30's at 7:30am and stayed there for the 1st start just after 11am.  Winds gusted to speeds around 20 miles per hour.  The wind chill seemed below zero.  During the day it rained, sleeted, and snowed.  25 participants and 4 workers braved the frigid temperatures.




White, 10 Controls, 2.2km in Length, 50m Climb

Mike Massie                                                                            31:20

Dakota Bradstreet                              T235 BSA                  46:30

Kevin Troidl                                        T235 BSA                  46:30


Yellow, 12 Controls, 3.2km in Length, 95m Climb

Troop 103 A                                      T103 BSA                  66:15

Crew 103                                           VC 103 BSA                    110:30

Troop 103 B                                      T103 BSA                DNF


Orange, 10 Controls, 3.9km in Length, 130m Climb

Nick/Mandi                                                                             108:25

Chuck Fabian                                                                        128:34


Brown, 07 Controls, 3.3km in Length, 150m Climb 

Tim Derks/Ted Knecht                        OCIN                           111:22


Green, 09 Controls, 4.2km in Length, 150m Climb

David Veech                                      MVOC                          56:51

Peter Raine                                       COO                             69:19


Red, 12 Controls, 5.8km in Length, 210m Climb

Steve Barnhart                                 MVOC                          63:08



Special thanks to David Irving and Karen Dennis for getting the maps over printed; Sue Blum for running registration; Bill Bell, Dakota Bradstreet, Chris Bell, and Kevin Troidl for running start, finish, and results; Dakota Bradstreet, Chris Bell, and Kevin Troidl for Saturday control recovery, and Roger and Sue Blum for control recovery after the bad weather passes. The meet was successful because of the volunteers.


                                                                        Mark Novitski, Meet Director