12 Days O Christmas

Dec 8, Englewood MetroPark

by Loren Ringo

White Course results

Pack 167 #2 25:30

Pack 167 26:09

Vikings 26:40

Daniel Urmston 27:00

Fohl/White 29:00

Troop 26 Arrows 46:13

Cindy Graham 64:00

Yellow Course results

Etzell 62:00

Johnson/Tomlin 78:18

Bussell/Marker/Barlos 80:05

Norrod/Egger 82:55

Bob Womack 85:00

Troop 268 88:00

Becker/Egglestrom 95:10

Carroll/Bowlin 104:00

Brandon Wilson OT

Troop # 26 Vikings DNF

Troop # 26 Arrows DNF

Chante Moore DNF

Shaun Larue DNF

Marshall DNF

Josh/Jacqyyn/Nicole DNF

Duncan/Keaser DNF

Malcom/Livingston/Freudenberg DNF

Orange Course results

Fullerton OT

Mike/Kyle OT

Tom Wentling OT

Grace A. Greene MSP

Aisenbrey/Wsagerman MSP

Meier/Halley MSP

Whittingten/Swartz MSP

Cristen Chesser MSP

Top Gun DNF

Ehicks/Fields DNF

Jason Hardowick DNF

Gibbs/Lucy DNF


Kirk/Miller DQ went on White Course with Yellow card

Jarrold Edwards/Brandon/Harold DQ did not turn in punch card

Timnam DQ did not turn in punch card

Vance Henniry/Aldstadt DQ did not turn in punch card

Green Course results

Matt Bond 55:48

Pat Meehan 69:40

Tom/Smoli Svobodny 73:00

Combs/Morlas 77:00

Warren Mandrell 77:20

Reynolds/Morales/Dubos/Cauganaugh 81:00

Bob Frey 89:00

Daniel Klepper 89:17

Dick Arnett 92:00

Vincent Had 94:19

Martin Schieck 110:00

Jiri Ales 116:00

Mark Hagen 120:52 OT

Haynes/Underwood/McMallion/Voelker OT

John Bettis DNF

David Frederick DNF

Jenny Meehan DNF

Group Bishop DNF

Hellickson/Dean/Adkision DNF

Eaton/Black/Williams DNF

105th Hell Jumpers DNF

Reed/Mayer/Elliott DNF

Red Course results

Mike Minum 82:20

Steve Barnhart 91:10

Larry Berna 93:41

Meier/Evans DNF


Course notes: I did not adjust times for Green course, people who went out about noon can thank Dick and Bob (OCIN)! Orange Course, some punched the wrong point just assuming they were there!