August 10TH, Thobaben's Farm
Directed by Bob Thobaben and family

White Course - 2.1 Km long, 15 m climb - 10 controls
Chris Thobaben
(He should have been on the Commando course, but was not up to the effort)
MVOC 11:36
SFC Ringo & CDT Howard Colonel White HS JROTC 27:40
Ben & Matt Bond
(Ben is only 2 years old)
MVOC 45:45

Orange Course - 4.1 Km long, 90 m climb - 10 controls
Terri Thobaben MVOC 89:20
Paul, PJ, and Nan Zanowick (a family affair)   116:10
Eric, Elizabeth, & Olivia Combs MVOC 134:15
Dave and Jake Bignell MVOC 167:40
Zanowick, Wheeler, and Bauer (The Venture Crew) BSA 182:00
Grahm Donovan & Laura House   DNF - 7

Commando O Course
Orange course PLUS three deer stand, one archery, one canoeing, and five cycling controls.
Cycling legs alone were nine kilometers.
Tom Svobodny MVOC 141:20
Larry Berna MVOC 172:30
Josh Berna MVOC 211:20

DNF - Did not finish

Many thanks for all that made this event possible!

Bob Thobaben
Meet Director