Tecumseh YMCA Camp-O at Taylorsville Metro Park

Friday, June 28th

31 Participants

Tecumseh YMCA located near New Carlisle invited the Miami Valley Orienteering Club (MVOC) to oversee a weeklong ‘O’ training camp. Monday had Steve Vaughan teaching Map & Compass 101. Larry Berna taught Orienteering 101 on Tuesday, along with practice ‘O’ at the YMCA. Englewood East Metro Park was the location of the Wednesday practice ‘O’, by Mark Novitski. Orienteering 102 was Thursday’s lesson by Matt Bond. The highlight of the week was the concluding Camp ‘O’ at Taylorsville Dam.

After a week of 90/90 weather, thunderstorms moved through the area Thursday & brought 85-degree temperatures with lower humidity for Friday‘s Camp ‘O’. Matt Bond and Larry Berna took a break to play with a six-foot long black rat snake while flagging the course. Most participants were first timers. Many of the teenagers let enthusiasm overtake their experience and took-off on a more difficult course than they should have. This resulted in MSP (Missed Single Punch), DNF (Did Not Finish), and LCCR (Lost Control Card in River). Everyone had a tale to tell and lots of deer tails were seen by all. Legs were the main show and tell (nettles & shorts).

WHITE Course, 8 Controls, Length 2.2 Km, Climb 20 m, Club Time

1. Liz Rotrell, Ryan Pope, Kelly, & Stephanie Hayes YMCA 38:10

2. Nicole Berna, Josh & Jacqlyn Preston MVOC 74:24

3. Pete Ghyselinck & JT Bell YMCA 74:38

4. Robert Long YMCA MSP

YELLOW Course, 11 Controls, Length 3.6 Km, Climb 60 m, Club Time

1. Christopher Wanamaker & Desiree Brickles YMCA MSP

2. Cody Cope, TJ Cleland, & Ryan Deel YMCA DNF

ORANGE Course, 13 Controls, Length 5.0 Km, Climb 85 m, Club Time

1. Mike Berna, Kyle Ackley, & Justin Sark MVOC 76:50

2. Dewayne Wilson & Stephen Carroll YMCA 99:53

3. Ross Sorrell MVOC 104:38

4. Kyle Masters & Nick Hyslop YMCA LCCR

5. Cory Wise & Matt Prater YMCA LCCR

6. Cody Cope, TJ Cleland, & Ryan Deel YMCA DNF

7. Jake Stump, Alicia Calmes, & Robert Long YMCA DNF