12th Annual Commando O-Meet

August 21, 2004

by Bob Thobaben

The 12th annual Commando Orienteering Meet was held on Thobaben’s Farm 7 miles west of Wilmington, Ohio. It is located very near mile marker 45 on Interstate 71. Weather conditions were ideal this year with cool temperatures (high of 78) and low humidity. Deer flies were nearly absent to help the competitors enjoy their respective challenges. Three courses were offered; White, Orange, and Commando (the Orange course with 11 controls, 2 deer stands, 1 canoeing, and 5 biking controls).

I had planned to do a swimming portion of the Commando, but the cool weather caused me to change to canoeing. The archery section of the Commando was offered to the competitors when they finished the running portion of the Orange course so it would simulate the biathlon seen in the Olympics. If a competitor could hit the straw bales from 35 feet 2 minutes was deducted from their final time. If they hit the paper targets 3 minutes was deducted and 5 minutes was deducted if the hit the "attack rabbits" printed on the target. Commando participants had eight arrows, used a recurve bow and received from 16 to 26 minute time deductions during the competition.


White Course (10 controls, 2.3 Km, and 15 m of climb)

1. Sharon & Ben Bond 44:11:00

2. Gay & Russell Dean 50:30:00

Orange Course (11 controls, 4.6 Km, and 165 m of climb)

1. Eugene Grawovskiy 135:20

2. Mike Allen & Tim Nicodemus 184:00

3. Alexander Preobrazensky DNF (9 of 11 controls)

4. Terri Thobaben DNF (5 of 11 controls because of darkness)

Commando (Orange course, 2 deer stands, 1 canoeing, and 10.1 Km biking)

(Archery could have been used to get time deductions – 8 arrows)

1. Tom Svododny 93:30 (117:30 – 24 minutes)

2. Matt Bond 111:25 (127:25 – 16 minutes)

3. Larry Berna & Brian Wade 114:30 (135:30 – 21 minutes)

4. Tom Wentling & Aaron Brooks 164:30 (190:30 – 26 minutes)

5. Gabriel Svobodny 170:10 (190:10 – 20 minutes)

We had 20 competitors in 2003 but only 16 in 2004. This is a great way to warm-up for the upcoming orienteering season. Next year be sure and bring your bike and we will try and have a swimming-diving section to the Commando. Hope to see more of you next year. Have a great finish to your 2004 season!