Eastwood MetroPark

Friday, June 25, 2004

After a week of teaching orienteering at the Tecumseh YMCA (by Matt Bond & Loren Ringo) the kids are ready for a real orienteering event. A rainy night resulted in the temperatures being cooled off to a very cool summer day with the high only reaching 75-degrees. Other than a little mud, which really challenged the kids that opted to wear sandals & the usual summer growth, it was quite an excellent day for some O-fun. Joshua & Nicole Berna completed field flagging & Joshua also helped with control placement. There was an added bonus Friday in that we saw a duck round up by a dozen park rangers. The ducks were herded-up, tagged, then released.

WHITE 8 Controls 1.9 Km

Kayla Smith & Jessica Tecumseh YMCA 41:24

Ostrow (group of 3) Camp Wilson 45:24

YELLOW 9 Controls 3 Km

TJ, Pat, Kyle, Austin Tecumseh YMCA 31:25

Courtney, Julie, Chelsea Tecumseh YMCA 76:45

Bayer (group of 3) Camp Wilson 87:52

Brianna & Ariel Tecumseh YMCA 107:00


ORANGE 12 Controls 4 Km

Jacob, Dylan, Cory Tecumseh YMCA 120:59

2 Fast 4 U (Lyle, Kelly, Brad) Tecumseh YMCA 122:54




Saturday, June 26, 2004

Excellent cool summer weather provided great conditions for this event. Even though I had the memory-O maps laminated, they still drew moisture, which provided quite the challenge for a couple of the yellow Memory-O controls. Thanks to all the volunteers. Michael Berna & Justin helped with refreshments. Joshua Berna worked the start/finish & helped with GPS programming. Steve Barnhart & Katie Williams helped with picking-up controls.

WHITE 8 controls 1.9 Km

Parker Vaughan OCIN 22:25

Tim Welch 34:08

Morgan & Jameson Vaughan OCIN 34:30

Gay Christensen-Dean 34:45


GPS 24 controls 6.5 Km

Murphy solo 24 controls 96:42

Lock-Nest duo 19 controls 111:06

Anne Johnson & Katie Gregg 10 controls 77:00

Lisa Price & Grace Kau 24 controls 145:59 (25 minutes over time limit) -1 score.

Memory-O YELLOW 8 controls 1.9 Km

Peter Vaughan OCIN 19:14

Katie Williams (age 9) OCIN 20:27

Scott & Mays CWHS-JROTC 20:50

Bozeman & Moore CWHS-JROTC 26:40

Dean & Conley 56:05

Memory-O ORANGE 9 controls 3 Km

Steve Vaughan OCIN 21:20

Heidi Vaughan OCIN 30:27

Dean & Conley 32:22


Memory-O RED 12 controls 4 Km

Warren Mandrell OCIN 41:50

Steve Barnhart MVOC 43:30

David Williams OCIN 103:09

Tony Presutti 150:10 MSP