George Rogers Clark Park Night Score-O

Friday, December 17, 2005

6.6-km 180-m climb 25 controls

One hundred twelve (112) participants and twenty volunteers took part in the GRCP nighttime score-O with a two-hour time limit. The mass start at 6:00 pm was in a 30-degree temperature range, but the temperature kept falling into the 20’s before the event ended. Afterwards Greenville JROTC provided refreshments for everyone’s enjoyment. I really appreciate the help from Greenville with registration & results. Tom & Gabe Svobodny were able to pickup all of the controls before 10:00 pm.

Matt Bond did a pre-run of the course on Thursday night, but did not mention that the field around control # 15 had been freshly plowed. I know that it was not plowed Sunday evening when I set the controls out. Here’s what Matt did mention: I hoped to beat an hour, but I had a few mishaps with some blood to show for it. And then my light went out... And then I ran through the burdock bush... Anyway, my time was 68:00. My route was 3,19,17,18,24,21,15,14,13,12,23,11,10,9,8,5,4,6,7,25,20,2,1,22,16.

Awards to the top three finishers were presented for the following nine divisions & congratulations to all the course sweepers who cleaned the course with a perfect score of 31.

Pictures from SFC Ringo at Col. White.


Male Solo 20 to 40 CLUB SCORE TIME
Steve BarnhartMVOC3179:23

Male Solo over 40 CLUB SCORE TIME
Mike MiniumOCIN3180:17
Kevin MitchellOCIN28118:42
Irvin Martin893:07
Kevin Kampman7115:58

Male Solo under 20 CLUB SCORE TIME
Kenny FugateOCIN3193:53
Kory ApodaceHHS18112:14
Team 5 - HellickFHS13112:30
Team 4 - KirbyFHS13112:31

Mulle & ReichersHHS3194:40
Bob Frey & Dick ArnettOCIN31105:13
Jerry Jordan - Flexman
Hot Rod & the Govonor
Evans & BuchfieldGHS24110:00
Napier, Wallace, & YounkerGHS17111:16
Cody & Dustin GrayHHS16109:18
Tom Wentling, Bob & Jordan GrayMVOC15116:51
Barton, Haper, & Novan
Nick Halley & PlunkettGHS14114:00
Josh Miller & BlankenshipHHS13102:09
Ben Norrod & Travis Egger
Kumkwarts 2BST12113:41
Hayes & JohnsonGHS11110:18
Reier & WestfallGHS7119:14
D of HBST6108:40
Owens & CavelleeGHSDNF

Todd & Susan HensonOCIN30116:00
Team X-treme
Brandon Thompson & Megan WalserHHS18102:00

Female Solo 30 & over CLUB SCORE TIME
Ingrid HonzakORRRC27104:49

Ssteed & Joey19GEO24118:14
Lisa Price (SeeksterGEO15117:30
Mormor (Kathy Beverly)GEO7115:58
J & R KirkGEO687:00
Ohio Buckeye Family (Frank SimonsonGEO5110:00
Team Jedi (Dave Kilsome)GEO10OTL
Davis FamilyGEO9OTL

Team Female Open CLUB SCORE TIME
Chinn - Secton - WilliamsHHS21112:14
Carrie Scarff & Kattie Farm20117:29
Team 3 - GarciaFHS16102:59
Team 2 - RomanoFHS10102:59
Normile M & JamesonGHS9101:36
Team 1 - Nick MFHS9103:24
Gibbs & MillerGHS8105:20


Female Solo under 30 CLUB SCORE TIME
Beckey SchweinfestHHS17103:54


BST 103 = Boy Scouts Troop 103

CWS = Colonel White High School Army Junior ROTC

DNF = Did Not Finish (Lost Card)

FHS = Fairborn High School Air Force Junior ROTC

GEO = Geocaching

GHS = Greenville High School Navy Junior ROTC

HHS = Hamiliton High School Navy Junior ROTC

MVOC = Miami Valley Orienteering Club

OCIN = Orienteering Cincinnati

ORRRC = Ohio River Road Runners Club

OTL = Over Time Limit