Turkey Hunt

November 12, 2005 - Germantown MetroPark (East)

Weather: 50-65 & sunny. Yep, I ordered the great weather. :-)

Attendance: 117 in 68 groups

The courses were the same that were run the previous day at the MVOC Jr. O Champs Practice Event.  Competitors can compare their results with others who ran the same course the previous day.  Fairborn, Wayne, Springboro, and Badin High School teams in particular may want to do this.

The top 1/3 of finishers on a course (not counting OT's) should consider moving to the next higher course.  Finishers with an OT or DNF should move to an easier course and master it (top 1/3) before moving higher.

The white course ROKS again as Badin High School sweeps the top four spots!

The yellow course is ROKing too as the top thre individuals are also from the Badin ROKS team. Fairborn's group with Nick Morales at the head is chipping away at the ROKS with a second placing just 20 seconds from first.

On orange OCIN's Bob Frey and Dick Arnett burned up the course with a tie win over Fairborn's group led by Chris Lamb to take third. There is no second place due to a tie for first. Saturday's orange course (identical to Friday's) didn't have the same problem with DNF's that Friday's did. At least half the people finished the course Saturday.

The green course ROKS too as Richard Boehm posts an impressive time. If there's one person to give Kenny Fugate of Hamilton competition at the spring Jr. O Champs, it's Richard. The Spring MVOC Jr. O Champs are on a Saturday in 2006 so these jugernauts will be running in head-to-head competition. It's going to be a good matchup. For second, Pat Meehan of OCIN (and the ROKS coach) edged out Rory Heard of "MVOC" (see note on Rory below).

On red MVOC's Larry Berna was the only one with legs to withstand the endurance required to complete the 7.0 Km course without going overtime, but almost making the cutoff was MVOC's Gabe Svobodny, just about three minutes over. He and Rober Rice of OCIN round out the top three.

I never thought it would happen, but Rory Heard, a member of MVOC, but not from our club, came to our meet. He wasn't even from the Miami Valley Outdoor Club. Rory is from the orienteering club that uses the www.mvoc.org web address. Namely, the Mole Valley Orienteering Club in England! Welcome Rory when you see him at our next O event, the night, score-o at Cricket Holler.

A couple items were found after the event. If you lost something, contact me at 848-3106 and describe it. If it matches what we found, we'll work out a way to get it to you.

Matt Bond
Meet Director


In the result tables below:
MVOC = Miami Valley Orienteering Club or
               Mole Valley Orienteering Club
FHS = Fairborn High School Air Force JROTC
GHS = Greenville High School Navy JROTC
SHS = Springboro High School Navy JROTC
ROKS = Rams O Klub at Badin High School, Hamilton, Ohio
BSA = Boy Scouts of America
OCIN = Orienteering Cincinnati
COO = Central Ohio Orienteering
ICO = Indiana Crossroads Orienteering
OLOU = Orienteering Louisville
HOC = Houston Orienteering Club
ORRRC = Ohio River Road Runners Club
OT = Overtime
MSP = Mis-punch (punched wrong control)
DNF = Did not finish
DSQ = Disqualified

White Course - 2.3 Km long, 30 m climb, 8 controls
Matt Wiegand ROKS 19:15
Chuck Sunderhaus ROKS 23:25
Rick Stratman ROKS 25:04
Matt Hubbard ROKS 27:04
Ann Boehm & Anna Korb - 33:55
Kevin Click ROKS 35:10
Cecil Smith - 40:30
Rhonda Kramer & Sheri Fazzari - 40:57
Sean Kling, Vicki, & Sarah - 44:10
4-Winds Forragers 4-H 49:30
Ben & Sharon Bond MVOC 52:53
Matt Reid - 57:38
Megan Reid - 57:40
Zack Simmons, Kaleb Granger, & Ashley Parks ?? JROTC 60:04

Yellow Course - 2.9 Km long, 110 m climb, 13 controls
Laura Boehm ROKS 56:40
Nick Morales team (3 members) FHS 57:00
Adam Ingram ROKS 58:02
Andy Shaver ROKS 60:38
David Sangrey & Dad BSA 75:29
Revels, Dolle, & Bishop ?? JROTC 78:30
Nick Romano team (3 members) FHS 88:00
Matt Runchey & Cameron Forbes - 96:33
Doran, Dolle, & Straughs ?? JROTC 96:50
Spotts, Goldshot, & Gendt SHS 113:28
Daniel Haley - 151:05 - OT
Collier & Goode ?? JROTC MSP
Miriam & Katy - DNF
Laura Ruwe OCIN DNF
Cortland Kerstanski team (3 members) FHS DNF
Tim Jones, Derek Hyatt, & Lee Evans WHS DNF
John Boehm - DNF
The Wares - Bob, Anja, Ben, & Elena - DNF

Orange Course - 4.1 Km long, 145 m climb, 13 controls
Bob Frey OCIN 76:40
Dick Arnett OCIN 76:40
Chris Lamb team (3 members) FHS 91:59
Joe Garland & Dan Bielecki OCIN 96:14
Tom McClory MVOC 97:43
Susan & Matthew Marine - 122:24 - OT
Jeff Ratliff - 179:51 - OT
Dennis Lapingcao & Tim Jones WHS MSP
Zac Wilkins ROKS DNF
Kurt Klaus team (3 members) FHS DNF
Jihoon Kim team (3 members) FHS DNF
Kathy Robbins ORRRC DNF
Wolff & Johnston - DNF
Courtney Goss team (2 members) FHS Lost Card

Green Course - 5.1 Km long, 165 m climb, 10 controls
Richard Boehm ROKS 52:29
Pat Meehan OCIN (and ROKS Coach) 68:25
Rory Heard MVOC
Mole Valley O Club, England
Brad Stork MVOC 80:39
Bill Rillo - 80:41
Sergei Preobrazhensky COO 89:00
Dan Thompson ORRRC 107:48
Alexander Preobrazhensky COO 127:43 - OT
Tom Wentling, Bob Gray, & Nathan Messer MVOC 162:15 - OT
Fred Dudding MVOC 171:24 - OT
Mimi Ruwe OCIN DNF
Mike, Margaret, & Ingrid ORRRC DNF

Red Course - 7.0 Km long, 325 m climb, 17 controls
Larry Berna MVOC 97:58
Gabe Svobodny MVOC 123:13 - OT
J. Robert Rice OCIN 131:31 - OT
Ron Hart ORRRC 140:45 - OT
Brian Paher & David Billups HOC 150:48 - OT
Jon Rauschenbach & Hickman OCIN MSP
Tom Svobodny MVOC DNF
Scott & Kathy Fullerton MVOC DNF
Jessica Beegan, Neil Peren, & Goutham Vemana - DNF
Sara Dallman - DNF