Miami Valley Jr. Orienteering Championships
and Turkey Hunt

November 14, 2009 - Bill Yeck Park

Weather: 40's early, rising to the mid 60's and sunny.

Attendance: 106 in 75 groups

Thanks for meet assistance:
     Registration and computer work - Jeff McPherson, Sharon Bond, Larry Berna, Steve Barnhart, and Benjamin Bond.
     Starts - Larry Berna, Tim Snyder, Jeff McPherson, Sharon Bond, Steve Barnhart, and Benjamin Bond.
     Control retrieval - Tom & Caterina Svobodny, Sharon and Benjamin Bond.

Thanks to all for attending. The weather was idyllic for mid November, and a good time was had by all. Most everyone finished their courses. Great job!

The electronic punching system did a great job keeping track of everyone's time, and also checked punches automatically. Getting a printout of results moments after downloading is great too.

Results below are shown by division for the Jr. Champs and by course for the Turkey Hunt in three formats for each: a standard result list, split times, and chip data. There is also a Winsplits file that is used with Winsplits Pro.

In the Middle School/Jr. High Individual Division, Ben Bond from Bellcreek Intermediate School posted the best time. In the Cooperative Division four different schools tried their best with Josh Wilson, Josh Powell, & Danielle Hall of Lebanon High School coming in first.

Meanwhile in the Rookie Individual Division Sam Kelsch from Union County Middle School set a pace too fast for all others and went on to take the division with good performances by team mates Gage Stamper, and Josh Moore. In the Rookie Cooperative Division it was no contest as the Springboro High School team of Hannah Bergeron group, Rachel Hill group, and Leonhart & Brewster swept the top three spots.

The JV Individual Division was interesting. Badin ROKS' Kacey Schweinfest came in first, but the Wayne High School team of Josh Wright, Kayte Page, and Dominic Hoagland wins the division bragging rights. For the JV Cooperative Division, everyone stepped back and let the Fairborn High School teams of Ringo's Roughnecks and Spartans have it to themselves.

In the Varsity Division it was no contest as the Wayne High School team of Trevor Corcoran, Kyle Kruk, and Aaron McDonald captured the division.

The splits list shows time spent traveling between each control. For each competitor, the first row shows cummulative time, and the second row shows each leg's split time. Leading times are in blue. For example, in the Rookie Individual Division, Pete Argabright had the best split time to control #5(code 41), getting there in 3:57, so his split time is shown in blue italics. At that point, although he's reduced his deficit against the leading Sam Kelsch, he's still down by 9:58. At the same control, while strong both before and after, Sam Kirchoff blew the leg, taking 12:41 to get from #4 to #5, and dropping to second place in the process. It's interesting to see how each leg's time affects the overall lead throughout the race.

The chips report is the raw data from the computer chip inside the SI cards (finger sticks). It shows the start time of day, finish time of day, elapsed time (bold), and download time of day (Read at). It also shows each control number punched and the time of day it was visited. This shows where people were and when, as they traveled around their course. It shows if people were following each other. This would be shown by a consistent punch time within seconds of each other from control to control. Following other competitors is against the MV Jr. O Champs rules. If a protest is made to the meet director and the chip data indicates following, the protest will be upheld and the competitors involved disqualified. This may affect trophy standings.

As always, the top 1/3 of finishers on a course (not counting OT's) should consider moving to the next higher course. Finishers with an OT or DNF should move to an easier course and master it (top 1/3) before moving higher. Competitors on the green course should be confident enough in their navigation to run the entire course.

In determining trophy recipients, some times greater than 120 minutes are included in the calculations. Although in standard MVOC meets 120 minutes is the overtime cutoff, for championship events a time up to 180 minutes is allowed. A careful reading of the rules reveals this.

Though additional orienteering is always encouraged, in the interest of competitive fairness, only the first course an individual or group runs can be included in the championship competition. Once an orienteer is out on a course they return with advantageous knowledge of the competition area, shared controls, etc. Results for subsequent courses are listed with the Turkey Hunt results.

I enjoyed planning out all the courses -- especially red #15. While it's still standing upright, I think I'll continue to put a control underneath this massive tree. It's also tough to get to, but hey! This is the red course!

Matt Bond
Meet Director

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