Harvest-O 2014
Camp Hook - September 21, 2014


We had a great day for orienteering with 103 orienteers in 51 starts.

Rain was in the forecast, but it missed us and we had an awesome day weather-wise with plenty of sunshine.

Last year it wasn't very apparent, but this year at Camp Hook I couldn't help noticing all the dead ash trees throughout the forest. The emerald ash borer has devastated the ash tree population. For more information about this visit the MetroParks Emerald Ash Borer page.

In the results many groups were considered overtime for a local event, that is over two hours. I suspect that no one in the group had a wrist watch or other time keeping device, or they had it and weren't using it. If you don't plan on being competitive and suspect you'll take a while on the course, start early in the start window.

FYI, an analog watch can be used as a rough compass. Just point the hour hand toward the sun, and split the difference between that and "high noon" to find South. High Noon is halfway between sunrise and sunset time, and during daylight savings time around the Dayton area it's about 1:30 PM. When we're off DST it's about 12:30 PM. For example, if I was on a course at Noon, I would point the 12 toward the sun, and halfway between Noon and 1:30 (or the 12:45 position of the hour hand) would point toward South. Pretty neat, huh? Just ignore the minute hand when doing this.


Thanks to the volunteers who helped:

Registration: Sharon

Starts: Ben Bond

Control Pickup: Hamilton High School, Sharon Bond, and Tom Svobodny


Matt Bond
Meet Director




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