Harvest-O 2014
Midwest Outdoor Experience - Eastwood MetroPark - October 4, 2014


We had an interesting day for orienteering with both the Try It event and the 1 hour competition. Cold and windy, with little bouts of rain here and there meant that crowds were a little lighter this year.

21 groups did the Try It event, which meant that they got a course map and a punch card, and they could take as long as they wanted to see how many controls they could find.

3 groups did the 1 hour competition that began at noon. 2 groups found all 13 controls, and the other group found 11 controls. Great job everyone!


Thanks to the volunteers who helped:

Course setting: Tom Wentling

MVOC Booth: Steve Barnhart, Bob and Barbara Hays, Patricia Shaw, Matt and Ben Bond

Control Pickup: Bob Hays and Matt Bond


Sharon Bond
Meet Director