Miami Valley
Jr. Orienteering Championship Practice
and Turkey Hunt

November 14, 2015 - Bill Yeck Park

Weather: 30F with frost early, warming to the low 50's by afternoon, and sunny

Attendance: 61 in 29 starting units

Thanks for meet assistance:

Registration: Sharon Bond
Starts: Ben Bond
Fire tenders: Ben Bond & Fairborn HS
Control retrieval - Girl Scout Troop-34236, Patricia Shaw, Cristine & Brenda

Thanks to all for attending. Results in the links below are shown by division for the Jr. Champs Practice, and by course for the Turkey Hunt.

I hope everyone enjoyed their courses -- especially red & green #3. FYI, I plan to use this unique location underneath this massive tree's roots as long as it's still there. It's just a matter of time before it comes down. It's way off in a corner of Bill Yeck, so it's only on the green or red course. I trust everyone enjoyed the after event refreshments. Let us know what you enjoy best after a jaunt through the woods.

There were two instances (Fairborn's Seal Team Six and Greenville's Austin Grote) in which Jr. Champs Practice competitors did not utilize the Clear, Check, and Start control units. This caused the results processing software to return "mp" (mispunched) for their result. Only through extensive forensic analysis and reconstruction of their downloaded data are we able to provide an elapsed time for their course, and even at that it is only a close estimate. This scenario occuring at the actual Jr. Champs in the spring event will render those results to remain as "mp". The Trophy Standings for this event reflect this.

Looking at the Trophy Standings, though three teams did well on the courses, only one gets a trophy. According to the rules a team is comprised of three to five members. Union County High School and Girl Scout Troop 34236 only had two navigating individuals or groups (i.e. members). I hope coaches work on team composition to field at least three navigating units in a divisoin for the springtime Jr. Champs. Then they'll be sure to qualify to earn a trophy.

Note for juniors. On Saturday, November 28th, 2015, OCIN is hosting an orienteering training camp at Miami University, Oxford, OH. Check the OCIN Schedule Page for details. I encourage all to attend and boost their navigational skill.

The next MVOC event is the Night-O at Cricket Holler Scout Camp on December 19. Check out more details in the Current Schedule link on the left.

Matt Bond
Meet Director

Jr. Champs Practice Results

Trophy Standings

Turkey Hunt Results