Miami Valley
Jr. Orienteering Championship Practice
and Turkey Hunt

November 11, 2018 - Bill Yeck Park

Weather: 19F at daybreak, high 20's by start time, warming to a fine 40 by mid-afternoon, and sunny.

Attendance: 118 in 52 starting units

Thanks for meet assistance:
Registration: Sharon Bond
Fire Tending: Ben Bond

Thanks to all for attending. I hope everyone enjoyed their courses. Attendance was up for this event this year. As turkeys are a key symbol this time of year, turkey cutouts are placed at all controls on the beginner (white) course. Hence the event name, the Turkey Hunt.

I hope all the new orienteers are getting used to map reading for their navigation. For a refresher, look through MVOC's online "Getting Started" pages. There is a plethora of information there: Skills tested at each course level, Map interpretation, Clue sheet symbol meaning, Compass use, and How to use the electronic punching system. By March, when the Jr. Champs performance truly counts toward trophies, all should be adept at these skills.

Additional orienteering is always encouraged, and some people chose to do an extra course. In the interest of competitive fairness, once an orienteer is out on a course they return with advantageous knowledge of the competition area, shared controls, etc. Therefore the results of those who ran an extra course are listed with the Turkey Hunt results.

The split time list shows time spent traveling between each control. This is a compilation of everyones split time report they received when they finished. For each competitor, the first row shows cummulative time, and the second row shows each leg's split time. Leading times are in blue.

Save the date! The 2019 Miami Valley Jr. Orienteering Championships are planned for March 17, 2019, again at Bill Yeck Park. School coaches should contact Matt Bond now if they have a scheduling conflict. I look forward to handing out many trophies!

The next MVOC event is the Night-O at Cricket Holler Scout Camp on December 8. It includes a Search & Destroy - O and a Potluck Party after the event. It's all great fun! Check out more details on the MVOC home page.

Matt Bond
Meet Director

Jr. Champs Practice Results

Jr. Champs Practice Splits

Jr. Champs Practice Trophy Standings

Turkey Hunt Results

Turkey Hunt Splits