Grant Park Spring-O: Sunday May 16, 2021


This year's Spring-O consisted of three courses: White, Yellow, and Green.  There was a few map changes due to the rerouting of Holes Creek on the northeast of the park.  The map still could use a lot of improvements, especially the trail network.  Part of the challenge is keeping pace with all the park improvements.  However, overall it's a much improved map from three years ago.

The weather was fairly nice and warm with a small splattering rain during the late morning before the event started.  Matt and Sharon Bond were there and helped immensely with start and registration. Many ROTC students attended the event including Hamilton HS, Wayne HS, Belmont HS, and Greenville HS.  It's hard to keep an accurate count of the number of participants since registration is by group.   Over forty-four groups total with easily over a hundred people.  It might be a good idea to add another box on the registration form asking for the number of people in the group.  It will help keep track of attendance.

Everyone seemed to have a great time.  After it was all over, Sharon Bond picked up the signage, Matt Bond stayed until the end for cleanup, and Hamilton HS stayed late to pick up the majority of the controls.  Many thanks to all for a fun event!

Steve Barnhart


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