Harvest-O 2021
Caesar Creek Lake Tailwaters - September 19, 2021


We had a great day for orienteering with 87 orienteers in 36 starts.

Weather was a little warm with temps in the mid to high 80's and plenty of sunshine.

Social distancing was observed as people arrived, registered, and went out on the courses with the groups they arrived with.  Starts were staggered to also maintain separation.

Everyone seemed to enjoy the running, though the 150 foot height of the dam was a challenge.

The green and red courses crossed Clarksville Rd. twice.  At each crossing a control was located on both sides of the road, and the time taken to travel between them was removed from the overall course time.  That's what the "Voided legs" statement means in the results.  Their purpose was to avoid running headlong across the road in front of approaching traffic while under pressure of the clock -- remove the time pressure and take the time to cross the road safely.  The split results show how much time people took to cross the road.  Everyone took longer to cross the second time.  Also interestingly, the winning Beavercreek HS red team took much longer to cross than all other red or green runners -- 4:20 for the first crossing, and a leisurely 5:54 for the second.  Hmm...I think they took notes from Gracelyn Eberwine's Harvest-O run last year.  In the end it's a safety measure so is appropriate.

I am impressed with the overall results of everyone, and the JROTC results are fantastic, on top in every course!  Well done!

Many thanks to the volunteers who helped:
Shelter Stake-out: Ben Bond
Registration: David & Rebecca Ehlers
Computer Entry: Sharon Bond
Starts & Training: Lynn Johnson
Control Pick-up: Hamilton HS Cord group
Control Pick-up: Hamilton HS Hamblin group
Control Pick-up: Hamilton HS Tripoli group
Control Pick-up: Lynn Johnson
Control Pick-up: Sharon Bond

Matt Bond
Meet Director



P.S.  For a little light reading about the Army Corps of Engineers Caesar Creek Project that created the lake and surrounding state park, you can peruse this 535 page 2020 Master Plan.  It has a wealth of information about it.