Caesar Creek State Park

September 18, 2022

Meet Director: Matt Bond

28 people in 16 starts came out to enjoy a fine and windy fall day at Caesar Creek. The courses were hilly but no one had to cross a road, unless they chose to get lost.

Thanks to Sharon Bond for course design and Ben Bond for holding the shelter.

Thanks to Katrina Young for helping to pick up controls.

2022 Harvest-OSun 9/18/2022
Resultscreated by OE12 © Stephan Krämer SportSoftware 2022

White (3)1.9 km9 C
17Kolp, Ocup, Valentine, & GivoniNHS Northmont HS NJROTCW27:02
26Alvarado Griffin, & LainoNHS Northmont HS NJROTCW34:59
34Patrick Kelly & Scott Kaysern/aW54:04
Yellow (4)2.3 km8 C
114Alvarado, Griffin, & LainoNHS Northmont HS NJROTCY33:43
215Ace, Ryder, Ross, & Larry BernaMVOC Miami Valley O ClubY44:43
316Jeremy, Anna, & Stacy RoehrsTroop ?? BSA Troop ??Y48:29
411Kolp, Ocup, Valentine, & GivoniNHS Northmont HS NJROTCY50:23
Orange (4)3.2 km11 C
11Rex SettlemoirOCIN Orienteering CincinnatiO1:08:53
210Lisa, Ryan, & Paul HartingerOCIN Orienteering CincinnatiO1:21:03
32Alexander PreobrazhenskyCOO Central Ohio OrilenteersO1:21:27
49Jana & Katherine TeetsOCIN Orienteering CincinnatiO1:44:30
Green (3)4.7 km13 C
18Dave RobinsonOCIN Orienteering CincinnatiG1:13:10
23Jim CimprichOCIN Orienteering CincinnatiG1:47:32
13Dave & Karen LaneOCIN Orienteering CincinnatiGdnf
Red (2)5.7 km16 C
15Tristian CordHHS Hamilton HS NJROTCR2:12:39
212Katrina YoungOCIN Orienteering CincinnatiR2:15:39
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