Miami Valley
Junior Orienteering Championships

and Shamrock Hunt

March 17, 2024 - Caesar Creek State Park

Weather: 40 warming to the mid 50s and mostly sunny.

Attendance: 75 in 47 starts.

Thanks for meet assistance:
     Registration - Sharon Bond
     Starts - Ben Bond & Neil Crichton

Results are shown by division for the Jr. Champs and by course for the Shamrock Hunt in both standard results and split times.

In the Middle School/Jr. High Individual Division, Union County Middle School's Peyton Creager earned the fastest time medal with a sub ten minute time and led his team to take the Middle School/Jr. High traveling trophy!

In the Rookie Individual Division, Centerville High School's Neil Crichton earned the fastest time medal!  Great job!

In the JV Individual Division Stebbins High School fielded three individuals for their team, but only one of them finished successfully.*  Stebbins' Jacob Derringer earned the fastest time medal!.

In the Varsity Division, Wayne High School fielded four individuals for their team, but only two of them finished successfully.*  Wayne's Jordan Mullins earned the fastest time medal!

In the JV Cooperative division the single Beavercreek High School group bested Wayne High School who fielded five groups for their team, but only two of them finished successfully.*

In the Rookie Cooperative division Stebbins High School fielded four groups for their team, but only two of them finished successfully.*

* In determining trophy status for teams, a minimum of three individuals or three groups (depending on the division) must finish, each within 3 hours, in order to establish a team score.  This is laid out in the complete rules.

Some results are shown as "mp" or "ot".  The "mp" designation means mis-punch.  The usual reason is that the course was not completed.  "Mp" can also mean the controls were taken out of order.  Only "score" courses with a time limit and a penalty for returning late allow controls to be taken in any order.  With "cross-country" courses designed for specific ability levels, controls must be taken in order.  When taken out of sequence, controls can be easier or more difficult to locate due to the approach direction; and the leg from control to control does not offer the proper navigational choices and challenges for that course's level of expertise.  "OT" means overtime, and the course time limit was exceeded.  In standard MVOC meets 2 hours is the overtime cutoff.  For championship events a time up to 3 hours is allowed.

Be sure to check out the Trophy Standings report.

The Splits report shows time spent traveling between each control.  For each competitor, the first row shows cummulative time, and the second row shows each leg's split time.  Looking at the Middle School/Jr. High Individual Division splits shows that while Peyton Creager established an early commanding lead, he wasn't the fastest to every control.  On the 5-6 leg both Neivayah Creager and Carter Ballard tied for the fastest with 29 seconds!

Interestingly, after inquiring of many people on the yellow and orange courses what they thought of control 7 under the rootstock, most replied they didn't see it.  Maybe they thought the downed limbs were the rootstock, but they were at the same height as the control and had no roots.  I congratulate those who did see it over their heads for their 3D perspective.

Matt Bond
Meet Director


Jr. Champs Results

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