MVOC Junior Orienteering Championships - Practice Event

November 10, 2006 - Possum Creek MetroPark

Weather: 60's & sunny.

Attendance: 121 in 73 groups

Thanks for meet assistance: Sharon Bond, Bob Thobaben, Tom McClory, Steve Barnhart, and Larry Berna.

The courses were left in place after the meet for the following day's Turkey Hunt.  Competitors can compare their results with others who ran the same course the next day.

The top 1/3 of finishers on a course (not counting OT's) should consider moving to the next higher course.  Finishers with an OT or DNF should move to an easier course and master it (top 1/3) before moving higher. Competitors on the green course should be confident enough in their navigation to run the entire course.

For trophy standings, cooperative teams on the Varsity green course are not considered. At this expert level, only teams made up of individuals are considered. Be sure to check the Miami Valley Junior Orienteering Championship Rules when assembling teams.

For the '06-'07 school year, Hamilton may have its hands full retaining all three large travelling trophies in the Spring championships, as the Wayne Warriors came out on top in the J.V. Division. The coop divisions aren't all wrapped up by Big Blue either as Colonel White fielded a strong team to take the Rookie Cooperative Division. That said, Hamilton has wrapped up a majority of the divisions capturing three out of five!

A hard battle was waged in the Rookie Division with many close times. At the top was Hamilton's Christian Adkins. Outstanding performances were also turned in by Wayne's Jonathan Clark, bettering the J.V. Division by over five minutes, and Brandon Wilson, a full 22 minutes ahead of the nearest Varsity challenger. Fantastic! Now if Brandon can coach his teammates to similar performances, they can capture the Varsity Division, which at this time is controlled by Hamilton.

Last year's Varsity Champion by a large margin, Big Blues's Kenny Fugate, was on hand coaching the Hamilton team and also got a chance to post a great time on the Varsity course.

And here are the Trophy Standings.


In the result tables below:

CWHS = Colonel White High School Army JROTC

GHS = Greenville High School Navy JROTC

HHS = Hamilton High School Navy JROTC

WHS = Wayne High School Air Force JROTC

OCIN = Orienteering Cincinnati

OT = Overtime

DNF = Did not finish

MSP = Mis-punched

DSQ = Disqualified

Matt Bond
Meet Director


Yellow Course - 2.9 Km long, 36 m climb, 9 controls
Calvin, D'Arco, Lamar CWHS 44:34
Ryan, Darryl, Bryan CWHS 46:10
Christian Adkins HHS 57:07
Todd Grubbs & Jorge Ramirez WHS 57:59
Ortman & Sexton HHS 57:59
Mays, Scheitlin, Shoulders, Alexander CWHS 59:09
Mark Geter HHS 59:23
Megan Brandenburg HHS 60:07
Jones & Houser HHS 65:59
Jonathan Childers & Clarence Davis WHS 66:11
Lawrence & M. Mulle HHS 68:12
Calenta Palmer & Jonathan Panfilo WHS 69:07
McGill, Tripp, Brookshire CWHS 70:01
Butch Doty WHS 71:35
Ian Grow WHS 72:44
Robert Smith & Zack Inman GHS 74:20
Burt Putnam & Maggie Normile GHS 76:20
Morgan Lloyd & Julia Davis WHS 83:10
Kaitlyn Debee & Jasmine McDowell WHS 86:24
Jessica Morning & Kayla Howard WHS 86:35
Kim Spires & Devon Wright WHS 89:47
Hannah Crowe & Casey Sullivan WHS 89:56
Danielle Clucas & Elizabeth Almashy WHS 90:31
Briana Matthews & Emily Barringer WHS 92:40
Kyiree Bass & Justin Beavers WHS 93:23
Timothy Douglas & Alexander Wall WHS 94:20
Tamara Jones & Danisha Willard WHS 94:39
Elliot Bennett WHS 96:02
John Iovanisci WHS 97:32
Chris Bilbrey & Geoff Blum WHS 98:11
Jordan & Rogers HHS 110:46
Jared Cox HHS 112:19
David Bergstrom & Justin Blevins WHS 116:07
Roger Deborde & Johathan Parsons WHS OT (129:24)
Donald Wiggins WHS DNF
Kevin Hall & Jeffrey Schmermund WHS DNF
Jesse Jones & Michael Hultberg WHS DNF
Talia Law & Lisa Groce WHS DNF
Spencer Garrett & Coronas Hamilton WHS MSP
Richard Neel & Benjamin Rives WHS MSP
Stacy Taylor & Kaleb Poree WHS MSP
Teona Phillips & Ashley McCleskey WHS MSP

Orange Course - 4.6 Km long, 56 m climb, 11 controls
Jonathan Clark WHS 65:23
Andrew Simmens HHS 71:08
Will Cox HHS 73:23
April Powell WHS 73:29
Justin Stafford HHS 80:44
Anthony Kleiser WHS 81:08
Dennis Lapingcao WHS 85:40
John Hoover HHS 89:06
Meyers & Grewe HHS 91:13
Stamper & Jackson HHS 96:43
Nick Wright & Robert Ellis WHS 115:18
Brian Gibson & Jakob Ross WHS DNF
Randy Clucas & Derek Bailey WHS DNF
Chris Wells WHS DNF
Andrew Bennett & Jordan Ratliff WHS DNF
Anthony Fisher WHS DNF
Kyle Kruk WHS DNF
Josh Iovanisci WHS DNF
Dezarn & Glancy HHS DNF
Tyler Plunkett & Michael Westfall GHS DSQ

Green Course - 5.6 Km long, 70 m climb, 14 controls
Brandon Wilson WHS 86:02
Kenny Fugate (HHS Alumnus) OCIN 89:24
Gary Jenkins HHS 108:02
Doug Mulle HHS 111:53
Mat Roark HHS OT (123:24)
Michael Cox WHS OT (150:28)
Ryan Clark WHS OT (167:55)
Scott Kavanaugh WHS DNF
Chris Rutherford & Wesley Pullins WHS DNF
Robert Vann WHS DNF
Joseph Carter & Brian Brown WHS DNF