Turkey Hunt

November 11, 2006 - Possum Creek MetroPark

Weather: Low 40's dropping into the mid 30's & cloudy.

Attendance: 97 in 49 groups

Thanks for meet assistance: Larry Berna, John Betts, Taylor Brown, and Tom McClory. Taylor helped out while fulfilling a requirement for his orienteering merit badge.

The courses were left in place from the prior day's Miami Valley Junior Orientering Championships.  Competitors can compare their results with others who ran the same course the day before (when it was warm & sunny :-)). In particular, Fairborn, Greenville, and Springboro students should do this.

On the white course Sharon and Ben Bond were leading untill Fairborn's Kim and Morales each led a group around in excellent time. On the yellow course Kim & Morales combined their talnts to lead that course as well. On orange, ROKS alum Brennan Lawall is now a FUNKy UD dude and is running well. I think he would be more comfortable vying for the top spot on green save for his friends on orange. On green Bill Swift posted the most excellent time of 55:47 considering all the honeysuckle I sent green runners through, and Larry Berna couldn't stand still for it. So as a solo competitor this time, ran the course in 53:10.

It was good to see the schools out that missed coming for Friday's MVJOC, though weather-wise Friday was a much nicer day. I hope everyone enjoyed theri trips through Saturday's wet woods.


In the result tables below:

FHS = Fairborn High School Air Force JROTC

GHS = Greenville High School Navy JROTC

SHS = Springboro High School Air Force JROTC

SJHS = Springboro Junior High School

FUNK = Flyers University Navigation Klub (UD)

BSA = Boy Scouts of America troop

ORRRC = Ohio River Road Runners Club

OCIN = Orienteering Cincinnati

COO = Central Ohio Orienteers

OT = Overtime (over 120 minutes)

DNF = Did not finish

MSP = Mis-punched

Matt Bond
Meet Director

White Course - 1.8 Km long, 30 m climb, 8 controls
Morales Group #2 (4 in group) FHS 20:47
Kim Group #1 (4 in group) FHS 24:15
Sharon & Ben Bond MVOC 39:35
Jon & JJ Peil - 52:44

Yellow Course - 2.9 Km long, 36 m climb, 9 controls
Kim & Morales FHS 27:34
Strausbaugh & Rogers SHS 33:21
Lynch Group #4 (4 in group) FHS 40:39
Nathan Jones & Justin Nickell GHS 41:47
Robert Smith, William Weatherspoon, & Shane Stevens GHS 43:11
Jacob Hellickson FHS 44:00
Frederick & Charlton SJHS 45:33
Halley & Pepple GHS 46:09
Buendia Group #3 (4 in group) FHS 47:30
Hollon & Hollon SJHS 50:34
Cheryl Wenner MVOC 59:10
Hamilton, Wunderlich, & Prasuhn GHS 60:37
Collier & Goode SHS 71:11
Robert, Daniel, & David BSA T-68 86:15
Brian & Robert Helvey BSA T-68 94:21
Duane Giesseman & James Valentine NJROTC 94:50
Peterson & Scheutz SJHS 97:52
Nathaniel & Stephan Bryan BSA T-68 118:41
Betty Warwick - 126:00 OT
Thie, Gillis, & Tripp SHS 126:34 OT
Goldshot, Duran, & Gendt SHS 139:08 OT
Kohls, Kohls, & Bowman SJHS DNF
Martin, Lawner, & Bodnar SHS DNF

Orange Course - 4.6 Km long, 56 m climb, 11 controls
Brennan Lawall FUNK 43:26
Tom McClory MVOC 51:42
Lara Sadar FUNK 60:46
Dan Thompson ORRRC 62:08
Upton SJHS 70:46
Walt Fenstermacher - 72:05
Kathy Robbins ORRRC 84:34
Runchey SHS 87:34
Claire Dell OCIN 93:53
Aaron Moeller FUNK 101:30
Patrick & Matt BSA T-68 121:15 OT
Weaver, Weaver, & Forbes SHS 129:59 OT
Katie & Sam Hollon SJHS DNF
Jesse & Rogers - DNF
Frederick & Charlton SJHS MSP

Green Course - 5.6 Km long, 70 m climb, 14 controls
Larry Berna MVOC 53:10
Bill Swift OCIN 55:47
Steve Barnhart MVOC 76:54
Mike Allen & Larry Berna MVOC & ORRRC 80:35
Tim Snyder & Larry Berna MVOC & ORRRC 95:22
Sergei Preobrazhensky COO 100:54
Tom Wentling MVOC 113:42
Alexander Preobrazhensky COO 134:20