Miami Valley
Jr. Orienteering Championship Practice
and Turkey Hunt

November 13, 2010 - Bill Yeck Park

Weather: 50's and sunny

Attendance: 39 in 37 groups

Thanks for meet assistance:
     Registration - Mike Marine, Larry Berna, Tim Snyder, and Sharon Bond
     Computer work - Tim Snyder, Larry Berna, and Mike Minium.
     Starts - Mike Marine
     Control retrieval - Mike Marine and Mike Minium

Thanks to all for attending. The weather was again perfect for orienteering.

Results in the links below are shown by division for the Jr. Champs and by course for the Turkey Hunt in three formats for each: a standard result list, split times, and chip data. The "mp" (mis-punch) returned by the electronic timing system indicates someone did not complete their course.

In the Rookie Individual Division Morgan Vaughan of OCIN took the top spot.

The JV Individual Division Kacey Schweinfest from Badin High School posting the fastest time while the Wayne High School team of Kayte Page, Spencer Laurel, and Josh Wright won the large traveling trophy for Wayne.

In the Varsity Division Weaver from Springboro Home School was not to be denied while the Wayne High School team of Kyle Kruk, Trevor Corcoran, Sean McDonnell, and Tylor Johnson again grabbed the coveted Varsity Team trophy.

The split time list shows time spent traveling between each control. For each competitor, the first row shows cummulative time, and the second row shows each leg's split time. Leading times are in blue. For example, in the JV Individual Division, Kacey Schweinfest had an early lead, winning legs 1 and 2, then slowed while Leonhardt won legs 3 and 4 to move into first. They switched off the lead until control 11 when Kacey moved into first to stay.

The chips report is the raw data from the computer chip inside the SI cards (finger sticks). It shows the start time of day, finish time of day, elapsed time (bold), and download time of day (Read at). It also shows each control number punched and the time of day it was visited. This shows where people were and when, as they traveled around their course.

The top 1/3 of finishers on a course may consider moving to the next higher course. Finishers outside the top 1/3 should master it before moving higher. Competitors on the green course should be confident enough in their navigation to run the entire course.

I hope everyone enjoyed their courses -- especially green #6 and red #5. While this massive tree is still standing upright, I plan to use this location underneath its roots. It's just a matter of time before that won't be possible.

With the addition of the Smith Farm property to Bill Yeck Park new and interesting control features became available, and I didn't have to run the red course all the way to the far east end and back to get their distance in. One new feature is a small rock about 20 cm in diameter that is an historic property corner. Even though the rock is small, yellow #8, orange #10, and red #10 wasn't a bingo control because the surveyors staked it out, flagged it, and adorned the rock with bright orange paint.

The other interesting feature surrounded the depression at green #14 and red #16. The depression is in a terraced area of a hillside with a raised earthwork on the downhill side of the terrace. A large pile of stony ground lies near the depression on the terrace. A similar terrace with a raised earthwork on the downhill side sits adjacent to it, to the east of a reentrant that separates the terraces from each other. I conjecture that the terraces are the remains of an old homestead, at least 150 years old and long forgotten, and that the stone pile was once a home. It may have last been used when the 1817 Neil-Tucker Grist Mill referred to at was still in operation. The long abandoned road that led to the mill passed just east of the terraced area.

Matt Bond
Meet Director

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