Miami Valley
Junior Orienteering Championships
and Shamrock Hunt

March 19, 2011 - Caesar Creek State Park

Weather: low 40's to mid 50's and sunny

Attendance: 86 in 60 groups

Thanks for meet assistance:
     Registration - Tim Snyder, and Sharon Bond
     Computer work - Tom Wentling, Chuck Destefani, Larry Berna, and Matthew Robbins.
     Starts - Sharon Bond, Ted Autore, Josh Assink, and Matthew Harrell
     Control retrieval - Tom Wentling and Scott Fredrickson

Thanks to all for attending. The weather was again perfect for orienteering.

Results in the links below are shown by division for the Jr. Champs and by course for the Shamrock Hunt in three formats for each: a standard result list, split times, and chip data. The "mp" (mis-punch) returned by the electronic timing system indicates someone did not complete their course. "ot" indicates they were (way) over time.

In the Middle School/Jr. High Individual Division, Bellcreek Intermediate's Ben Bond posted the best time for the third year in a row. It was good to see the Hertel boys out there making him earn it.

In the Rookie Individual Division Union County Middle School ran away with the large traveling trophy with fine performances by Sam Kelsch, Hunter LaMantia, and Brennan Hertel for gold, silver, and bronze. Hot on their heels, the Wayne High School team also posted fast times.

In the JV Individual Division the Springboro High School team of Eric Weaver and Austin Valentine did great, but just missed having a team score as only two of their team completed the course.

In the Varsity Division ROKS member Kacey Schweinfest from Badin High School in Hamilton was the fastest (and only) one to complete the course.

The Splits report shows time spent traveling between each control. For each competitor, the first row shows cummulative time, and the second row shows each leg's split time. Leading times are in blue. For example, in the JV Individual Division, Andrew Steele had the fastest time to control #1(code 38) of only 3:42. Austin Valentine then had the fastest time to control #2(code 43) of 3:34. By then Eric Weaver was warmed up and posted superb times to all remaining controls save the last; moving into first place at control #7(code 47) and holding on to it for good.

The Splits report for the Shamrock Hunt doesn't show any splits for Red Course #12 (code 57). This control wasn't working because it took on water during the previous evening's thunderstorm. Four controls admitted water; 47, 49, 57, & 58; but only #57 stopped working as a result. We have seen the problem in the past where the controls are set in warm weather, and then they get rained on and are wet while the temperature drops. We theorize falling temperature creates a partial vacuum inside the controls and pulls water past the seals. It was very interesting picking up #47 after the event. As I pulled it out of the ground and occasionally while I carried it, it beeped as if an SI-card was stuck in it! All four were opened up and are now dry inside. Now that #57 has dried out, it's working again. They will be resealed with a generous bead of silicone.

The Chip Data report is the raw data from the computer chip inside the SI cards (finger sticks). It shows the start time of day, finish time of day, elapsed time (bold), and download time of day (Read at). It also shows each control number punched and the time of day it was visited. This shows where people were and when, as they traveled around their course.

Be sure to check out the Trophy Standings report. See if your name is listed.

The Winsplits files can be read by Winsplits Pro. This program has extensive split time analyses including a graphic head-to-head race on screen, as if there were a mass start. Ask me to show it to you on the MVOC computer at your next event.

Though additional orienteering is always encouraged, in the interest of competitive fairness, only the first course an individual or group runs is included in the championship competition. Once an orienteer is out on a course they return with advantageous knowledge of the competition area, shared controls, etc. Results for subsequent courses are listed with the Shamrock Hunt results.

Matt Bond
Meet Director

Jr. Champs Results

Jr. Champs Splits

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Shamrock Hunt Results

Shamrock Hunt Splits

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Shamrock Hunt Winsplits file

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